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1xBit bookmaker

1xBit is the most innovative betting site and casino currently present in the international online betting scene, in fact it is the only bookmaker that allows you to deposit, withdraw and place bets, only through cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin for example).

Thanks to the exclusive use of cryptocurrencies, 1xBit can operate on the betting market, freely, without the need to have a specific license for online gambling. This should not scare you, it is a safe and reliable site, because it is part of the “1X Corp NV” group, owner of the famous 1xBet brand, in possession of the international license issued by the state of Curacao.

Furthermore, the group to which it belongs is present in Europe with thousands of betting centers and, in recent years, it is also having considerable visibility thanks to the sponsorships of very famous football teams worldwide.

To better understand the potential of 1xBit, know that it has been voted as the best bookmaker in the countries of the Russian independent state community (also known as the CIS), since it offers a great variety of different bets, with high odds, statistics and advice on numerous sporting events, as well as having an important and complete online casino!

How to sign up 1xBit

1xbit subscription

Registration on 1xBit is very simple and incredibly fast, the site is in English, and it will be easy to find the “subscribe” button at the top left of the home page.

At this point you must first enter your email or mobile number and confirm them, then fill in the form with the required data, without documents and in total anonymity! Even for deposits and withdrawals you will not be asked for any documents. Since cryptocurrency operations are completely anonymous, guaranteeing your privacy at 100%!

Here we are at the beginning of our review, and now we are going to explore the entire 1xBit site, highlighting all the strengths and weaknesses.

1xBit sports betting

1xbit sports betting

1xBit‘s offer in terms of sporting events to bet on is very wide. Among the main sports available you will find: football, tennis, basketball, boxing, rugby, Formula 1, golf, Motogp, handball, horse racing, ice hockey, baseball, cricket and greyhound racing.

The list continues with particular disciplines, such as surfing, squash, darts, hurling, UFC, mixed martial arts MMA, chess, badminton, Gaelic football, table tennis, cockfight but also political elections and financial betting!

As for football, the schedule proposed by 1xBit ranges from major national and foreign events: Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, Premier Liga, Bundesliga, passing through the Asian, South American, African and Australian championships. In short, an excellent global program!

Every available event is analyzed in the best possible way and the odds are updated continuously. For each sporting event you will find a page where you can consult statistics and news, so you can place your bet by studying it in every detail.

Special bets (politics)

1xbit special bets: politics and entertainment

It is important to know that the world of betting does not only revolve around sport, any aspect of our life still has a political value. 1xBit provides a section dedicated to special bets on the politics of every nation in the world.

You can bet on the candidate who will become the head of government, such as the Prime Minister, the German Chancellor or the American President, but it is also possible only to bet on which party or coalition will win the elections, the results of a referendum, and more.

Financial bets

1xbit financial bets

1xBit, unlike other bookmakers, accepts financial bets, specifically for the main currencies of the Forex market. The player will be asked to determine what the market opening exchange rate will be, if higher or lower than that specified by the bookmaker. Bets are calculated based on averaged data from IA RBC and Yahoo Finance. Particularly interesting and exciting is the possibility of betting on the market trend (bull or bear) every 5 minutes, with constantly changing odds.

Betting Exchange

betting exchange

1xBit is one of the few bookmakers that allows betting exchanges, this particular bet provides for an exchange of the results of sporting events. This exchange does not take place between the bettor and the bookmaker, but between two or more bettors with the possibility of obtaining potentially higher winnings than the classic bet. Consequently, each player can decide for themselves whether to bet or bank, thus having greater control of their bets. In all of this bookmaker only provides the platform on which bettors will compete, withholding a small commission on winnings.

Betting and odds markets

1xbit betting and odds markets

The odds offered on 1xBit are available in all formats: decimal (2.2), Hong Kong (1.2), Indonesian (1.2), Malay (-0.834), fractional (6/5) and American (+120). In our analysis, we realized that the amount of betting markets (or options) available on 1xBit is truly shocking; for some sports we found almost 1400 different betting opportunities, certainly much more than other online bookmakers! 1xBit offers, in addition to the classic 1 × 2 bets, also bets with Asian Handicaps, on the number of yellow or red cards, on the number of corners, on split times, on exact results and many others. In addition, the odds offered by 1xBit are among the highest in the industry!

Live bets

1xbit live bets

For those who want to live their bets live and bet even after the start of a match, 1xBit allows its users to enjoy an impressive Live section with a large number of games, competitions and matches of the most famous sports (football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, ice hockey and many others), which you can follow thanks to a live ticker, on which you can also check all the statistics relating to the matches themselves. Furthermore, in the “multi-live” section you can create your personal page to be able to bet simultaneously on your favorite online events, and follow the live streaming of the various sporting events.

Betting on virtual sports

Enjoy virtual sports betting

In the part dedicated to virtual bets you can bet every day, 24 hours a day on simulated sporting events with truly engaging and exciting realistic graphics. With 1xBit it is possible to bet on different sports, such as football, basketball, tennis, horse and dog racing, motor racing, cricket, hochey and cockfight, everything is managed by providers such as Global Bet, Edge Gaming and 1X2 gaming that with their software that takes care of determining the winner and establishing the relative odds.

As for virtual football (with its tournaments), every day you will find one match after another, lasting 5 minutes, with a short break of a couple of minutes, at which time you can place your bet (with classic signs 1, x or 2, but also exact results and much more), and follow the unfolding of the short but exciting game.

The method necessary to place a bet is practically identical to the one we use to close a bet on a real event, but it is not necessary to inquire about the formations, the state of form of the players or make a point on suspicious, disqualified, trends and so on. . Another strong point of this type of betting lies in the fact that, being generated by a software, there are no manipulations of events or sports fraud, which can happen in real sport.

Betting on eSports

esports betting

1xBit, always updated on the new guidelines of online gambling, presents its fans with its section dedicated to eSports to be able to bet on the best and known games of the moment. The proposed esports program is very respectable and includes Counter-Strike, Dota 2, Esport Overwatch, King of Glory, League of Legends, Rainbow Six Siege, Rocket League, StarCraft 2 and many more.

For each of these eSports you will have numerous betting potentials specific to each type of game, but it should be noted that they differ in some respects from traditional sports betting, let’s see how.

For example, in football, you don’t usually bet on small (or newly promoted) teams as the winners, while in eSports, a new team could easily win even over a more famous one. It happens, not infrequently, that a top team does not perform at its best in a certain game, in a map or in a certain tournament.

Consequently, we recommend that you study the teams and their components thoroughly, analyzing the statistics and videos of previous matches, to understand which are the tournaments in which they are superior or the maps where, instead, they are weaker.

1xBit Casino

1xbit casino games

Although 1xBit was born mainly as a sports bookmaker, it has an excellent Casino and Live Casino, which has nothing to envy to the competition, is easy to use and with many games available for the tastes of all users.

This section is supported by the best software on the market developed by the most famous providers in the world: we are talking about Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, XPG and Lucky Streak.

Playing live has its charm, because no matter where you are, thanks to the live dealers (competent and professional) you will get the same thrill and excitement as in a real casino. Among the games present (each with different betting limits) the Roulette tables stand out also with different and intriguing variants (French Roulette, American Roulette, European Roulette and Premier Roulette), but also Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat, also ‘they with as many and numerous different versions.

1xBit Slots

1xbit slots

To access the huge catalog of slots present, click on the word “slot” in the menu (always visible) at the top. You will quickly find the most popular slots and the latest releases. The slots available on 1xBit Casino are provided by more than 70 providers, (in evidence we find the slots of Endorphina, Amatic, Evoplay, Betsoft, EGT), which offer different themes, designs, stories and soundtracks, to satisfy your every need. Moreover, all the slots in the catalog can also be played in demo by clicking on the word “Play Free”, superimposed on the game itself.

Megaways slots

1xbit megaways slots

Among the slots that you will find in 1xBit Casino, it is worth highlighting the presence of some of the most famous and sought after titles in the Megaways series. Megaways slots work with a six-reel structure (often a horizontal reel with 4 additional symbols is inserted), so at each spin you can get from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 7 symbols for each reel, with significant combinations chances and greater chances of major winnings. On these slots the maximum number of combinations can go up to 117,649 per spin, and if all of that wasn’t enough, know that they are also packed with features, bonus games, free spins and win multipliers!


1xbit TVBET games

1xBit, like the most renowned online casinos, presents the games of TVBET, the (world leading) provider of exclusive live TV games available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The foundation of TVBET’s creators’ philosophy has been since its inception to produce constantly updated live game content.

Their technicians and operators do their best to provide a broadcast with the highest quality picture and sound, while its dealers are extremely professional, ensuring that every player stays passionate about the game for as long as possible. TVBET is in fact known for its charming, elegant looking dealers, and their professional and courteous language makes interaction with them extremely pleasant.

Thanks to TVBET you will find a vast assortment of (award-winning) lotteries such as 1Bet, so called because it involves the drawing of one ball out of 37 every minute, or 5Bet where the random drawing of 5 balls out of 36 from the lottery machine will finally take place 7Bet in which the balls drawn will be 7 out of 42 every minute.

Particular and very exciting is then Lucky6, a lottery with extraction of 35 numbers out of 48 (obviously always randomly) where the player can bet on 6 balls where the sixth is the one considered “special” that can make you win an important prize. Very intriguing and compelling WheelBet reveals itself as an understandable and fast game that combines the fundamentals of a wheel of fortune with the peculiarities of American roulette.

Finally, if you are still not satisfied, TVBET also includes the classic games we have come to know such as Keno, Blackjack, Backgammon, 21Bet, Wheel of Fortune and a special card game called War of Elements.

The game of “21”

1xbit the 21 's games

1xBit also offers the game of “21” which thanks to its simplicity can be a restful (and in any case profitable) distraction after an important game. The aim of the game is to get as close as possible (with the cards) to 21, beating the dealer and without going bust. The maximum amount of the bet (before the start of the game) is 71.26 mBT, while the minimum is 0.1 mBT.

At the beginning of the game both you and the dealer will receive two cards and by clicking on “Card” you will receive one card at a time until you get close to 21 (you cannot take more than 3 additional cards), in case you plan to stop, then do click on “Stay'”.

If you rolled 21 with the first two cards, you win; but be careful, this can also happen to the Dealer. If you score 21 points (or less, but still more than the dealer), the bet will be paid out at odds x2, in case of a tie your bet will be refunded. Finally, if you draw a card containing an image of a phone, you must consider yourself very lucky, because you have won an iPhone X!

1xBit Bonus

1xbit bonus bets

In the Bonus section of 1xBit you will find many attractive offers, but before introducing them to you we want to give you a couple of tips: Always read carefully the “Terms and Conditions” of each bonus you are interested in (to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings), and subscribe to the newsletter above all to never miss the numerous promotions.

  • First Deposit Bets Bonus:

This is the first online bookmaker in the world that allows you to deposit, withdraw, and place bets only through cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and others), and in fact, it offers a 100% bonus on the first deposit up to 1 BTC, 50% up to 1 BTC for the second, 100% up to 2 BTC for the third and 50% up to 3 BTC for the fourth, for a total of 7 Bitcoins! To benefit from this bonus, you must necessarily use the following promotional bonus code: “1xb_12880“.

  • The multiple bet of the day:

Every day on 1xBit you can find more than 5,000 sporting events to bet on; the most interesting ones will be included in the multiple bet of the day. If the multiple bet of the day you played turns out to be a winner, 1xBit will increase all the odds on the ticket by 10%.

  • Advancebet:

For those who still have undefined bets on their account, 1xBit offers the Advancebet bonus, thanks to which you will find the motivation to play them and… why not? Place more.

  • 100% guaranteed bet:

Thanks to this bonus, each 1xBit customer can insure all or only a part of his bet slip.

  • Star Jackpot:

Thanks to this promotion, with more bets placed per day, you have the chance to win a Jackpot that is accumulated minute by minute (visible on the site). Just bet according to the terms of the offer, and you can become the hero of the day!

  • Account balance bonus:

This particular promotion will allow you to receive a bonus on your account balance. The more you bet, the greater the bonus amount!

1xbit bonus casino

Let’s now see what are the bonuses and promotions related to the 1xBit Casino.

  • Beat 1xBit!

By participating in this promotion you will receive a bonus of up to 10 mBTC on all games in the casino. To be able to redeem it, the deposit amount must be played 30 times in the games in the section within 24 hours of crediting the bonus.

  • VIP Cashback:

The more you play, the more cashback you will receive! This is a loyalty program that includes 8 levels. It starts at level 1 (Copper) and then moves on to the next level by continuing to play your favorite casino games. The higher you level, the greater the cashback and when you reach a high level, you will receive exclusive offers, privileged support and your cashback will be calculated on the amounts played, regardless of the final result.

The 1xBit loyalty program

At 1xBit you will find a store of promotional bonus codes. With each bet on the Casino or in the sports betting section, you will receive points that can be used to purchase various dedicated bonuses. For example, with 500 points you can receive a free bet bonus of € 10, while every 50 points you can redeem spins on the wheel of fortune, single or multiple bets, open a lucky chest or a safe, participate in the lottery and so on.. To find out more, visit the “Bonus” section.

1xBit Mobile

1xbit app mobile

Smartphone owners will be able to download the dedicated 1xBit app for all operating systems directly on the site (at the bottom of the home page). Playing from mobile via smartphone or tablet is a lot of fun thanks to the fairly powerful and lightweight app, allowing you to play or place bets quickly and safely. If you do not have the opportunity to download the app, or do not want to, you can connect directly to the 1xBit website on the desktop version and play in an absolutely fluid way.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

1xBit allows you to make withdrawals and deposits through different payment systems with cryptocurrencies, choosing between Bitcoin, Bitcoin gold, Bitcoin Cash, BitShares, Bytecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, DigiByte, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, FunCoin, GameCredits, Litecoin, Monero, Nem, Sibcoin, ZCash. The advantage of making payments with cryptocurrencies is to be able to withdraw winnings immediately and to guarantee the absolute privacy of sensitive data.

Advice on using cryptocurrencies

In order to use cryptocurrencies on 1xBit you can easily convert Euros, through the Paybis.com website (or more simply with Wirex), which allows you to buy crypto-coins through various payment methods, such as credit cards visa/mastercard, Skrill, Neteller and bank transfer. However, it is also possible to buy bitcoins directly on the 1xBit website.

1xBit customer service

1xbit contacts

1xBit has a competent customer service able to intervene promptly to solve all your doubts or problems. The service is active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, you will find the operators are always courteous, available and professional to give everyone a wonderful gaming experience.

It is possible to contact customer support by sending an email to support-en@1x-bit.com, via the live chat or by filling out a simple form that you will find in the contact section.

1xBit opinions

1xBit is an easy-to-use online bookmaker and casino that offers its players secure transactions and maximum respect for anonymity. The wide choice of sporting events and the wide selection of casino games, including slot machines, roulette and blackjack, allow players to enjoy themselves without taking risks. Specifically designed to play with cryptocurrencies, it has an efficient and qualified customer service that intervenes to solve any problem encountered by players.

1xBit video review

1xBit fact sheet

Official website www.1xbit.com
Start of business 2016
Company that manages 1xBit 1X Corp N.V.
Address 1xBit Dr. Hugenholtzweg z/n, UTS Building, Curacao
License N# 1668/JAZ, released by: Curacao eGaming license at 1xBet
Phone No, but there’s Live Chat directly on website
Email support-en@1x-bit.com
Minimum deposit 0,2  mBTC
Minimum bet / stake 0,01  mBTC
Maximum bet / stake 15  Bitcoin
Maximum payout 120  Bitcoin
Sports bonus 7  Bitcoin
Casino bonus 1  Bitcoin

The pros and cons of 1xBit


– welcome bonus up to 7 bitcoins
– over 30 accepted cryptocurrencies
– extensive schedule on sports betting and other events
– wide selection of international markets
– bets on virtual sports and esports
– live streaming of many sports and esports events
– bets and casinos also in live mode
– high odds and betting exchanges
– wide range of promotions
– quick and easy registration
– website available in over 60 languages


– the site only accepts cryptocurrencies
– there is no telephone customer support

FAQ (frequently asked questions) about 1xBit

Is 1xBit reliable and safe?

Sure! 1xBit is reliable and safe! All 1xBit pages are protected with the “https” protocol, therefore your privacy, your anonymity and all your Bitcoins that you have in your account are safe.

What is the 1xBit betting welcome bonus?

On 1xBit you can receive up to 7 Bitcoins (BTC) on the first 4 deposits. You will receive 100% on the first deposit up to 1 Bitcoin, 50% up to 1 BTC on the second, 100% up to 2 BTC on the third and finally 50% up to 3 BTC on the fourth. There are conditions that must be respected, such as the minimum deposit of 5 mBTC. To benefit from it you will need to use the following bonus code: “1xb_12880“.

Is it possible to cancel a bet after placing it?

No, but it is possible to resell it through the betting exchange.

What slots are offered at 1xBit Casino?

At 1xBit Casino there are hundreds of Slot machines produced by more than 70 providers, and it is possible to play for free in demo, to get to know them better. The slots are divided by type, such as those for bars, classic, 3D or fruit, and by the manufacturer to which they belong. In addition, there are also those of the Megaways series.

What is the minimum deposit on 1xBit?

The minimum deposit on 1xBit is 0.2 mBT (milli-bitcoin) or the equivalent of any other crypto-currency offered!

Is there a mobile app available?

Yes, to access the mobile version of 1xBit you can download the dedicated app for Android or iOS and in a few seconds you will be able to place bets or play at the casino in complete safety.

What are the payment methods accepted on 1xBit?

Only and exclusively cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. Your Euros will first have to go through a Wallet that will convert them (it has now become very easy to convert Euros into Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies).

Is it possible to transact in standard currencies?

No. Cryptocurrencies are the only accepted payment system, plus it is the only system that can guarantee your complete anonymity.

Is it necessary to provide my email or other personal information to access the site?

No, it is only up to you to decide how much and what information to communicate to the bookmaker, in fact 1xBit will never ask you for any personal data, in order not to damage your privacy as an online player.

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